Relationships & Love

Love is the greatest power in the universe. And therefore, the application of Divine Love requires the utmost discipline. Wherever Love is extolled and embodied, it is always under fierce attack. And so, many people know profound sorrow, for though they have loved deeply, they are not able to hold steady the cup of Divine Love.

Meet the Masters

The Ascended Masters are enlightened spiritual beings who once lived on earth, fulfilled their reason for being, and have reunited with their Highest Self.

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Ascended Master Lady Nada

Learn a Special Mantra

A mantra is a brief prayer that is given over and over again to develop the momentum of a particular virtue within the soul. The word mantra is taken from the Sanskrit, meaning “sacred counsel” or “formula.”

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Causal Body

Elizabeth Clare Prophet
on Divine Love


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The violet flame has tremendous power to affect our lives because it is a high-frequency light that spans physical and spiritual realms. It is the vibrant spiritual light and fire that transmutes energy from its current state into a higher one.

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Relationships & Love

Oh, how the world needs love! Oh, how you need love! Is it not why you are here?

This eBook was created with excerpts from the books Finding a Higher Love and Soul Mates and Twin Flames by Elizabeth Clare Prophet